Wednesday, November 07, 2018

TRUK PAC-backed candidates score big in Tuesday’s General Elections

Last night’s General Elections results saw all but one of the 67 TRUK PAC candidates win their respective races. This election cycle has proved to be an incredible success for the Alabama Trucking Association’s political arm, TRUK PAC. In all, ATA’s political action committee spent $939,500 during the 2018 election cycle including the primaries, run-offs and general election, with 86 cents of every dollar spent on the winning candidates.

In statewide races, TRUK PAC was on the winning side in the contests for Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, State Treasurer and Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries. Furthermore, TRUK PAC candidates won additional seats on the State’s Courts. Regarding the State Legislative races, TRUK PAC endorsed candidates won 29 of the 35 Senate seats (83%) and 79 of the 105 House seats (75%).

“Trucking moves 80 percent of the state’s manufactured goods and provides 1-out-of-14 jobs in the state,” said ATA President and CEO Frank Filgo. “Given last night’s results, the Alabama Trucking Association is confident these elected officials understand the vital role trucking plays in the state’s economy, and they will work to help our industry provide the safest and most efficient goods movement system possible. Further, adequately funding Alabama’s highway infrastructure will be a priority for our Association, and we also believe these candidates will provide the best opportunity to move our state forward with better and safer roads for all.”