Thursday, July 11, 2024

Texas relaxes hours and weight regs for storm relief efforts

Acting Texas Gov. Dan Patrick has issued a disaster declaration for Hurricane Beryl, effective July 5, 2024, which suspends certain vehicle registration, size, and weight requirements for commercial vehicles aiding disaster relief.

Suspensions include International Registration Plan requirements, temporary registration permits, and oversize/overweight permits, facilitating relief efforts like transportation of workers, supplies, and debris removal. These suspensions specifically exempt safety and insurance mandates, with operators responsible for safe routing and road condition awareness.

The declaration also applies to out-of-state vehicles and operators entering Texas for disaster relief purposes, as long as they are in compliance with their home state regulations.

Furthermore, the Alabama Trucking Association stands ready to support our Texas counterparts during this difficult time. Our members have a long history of assisting in disaster relief efforts and we are committed to working together with other

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