Friday, December 14, 2018

State lawmakers want more funding for roads and bridges

Alabama’s lawmakers plan to tackle some of the state’s longstanding issues when the 2019 Legislative Session begins in March.

Lydia Nusbaum of WSFA reports at the the top of the list, among both Republicans and Democrats, is more money for roads, bridges, ports and waterways.

“As the economy continues to grow, we’re going to need to meet the demands of a growing infrastructure need so that we can make sure our economy continues to move in the right direction,” Sen. Greg Reed, R-District 5 told WSFA.

There has been discussion surrounding whether to raise the gas tax, which has not changed since 1992. “We need to figure out a plan that is going to work for Alabama,” said Rep. Anthony Daniels, D-Madison County.

Several state business organizations, including the Alabama Trucking Association, have expressed support for raising the state’s fuel tax as long as funds raised are earmarked solely for infrastructure spending.

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