Sunday, September 10, 2023

Rolling With Gratitude: A heartfelt thanks to truck drivers during Driver Appreciation Week

Today begins National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (September 10-16, 2023, when the trucking industry shines a spotlight on the 3.5 million unsung heroes who keep our country moving. These dedicated professionals safely and efficiently drive 300 billion miles annually, ensuring we have stocked shelves, timely deliveries, and essential goods.

We are thrilled to announce a special video message from Alabama Trucking Association Chairman, Tommy Neely. In this exclusive message, Mr. Neely expresses his heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for the incredible dedication and hard work of our truck drivers during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. His words are a testament to the vital role truck drivers play in keeping our nation’s economy moving forward. Stay tuned for this inspiring message, as we come together to honor and celebrate the unsung heroes of our industry.

See his message below.


Also, read his recent op-ed released to media last week: HERE.

Key Points to Remember About Trucking:

  • 70 percent of goods in the U.S. depend on truck drivers.
  • Alabama relies on trucking for 86 percent of local deliveries and 81 percent of manufactured goods.
  • Truck drivers are crucial during crises, delivering essentials.
  • Download an Alabama-specific industry fast facts document HERE.