Monday, March 22, 2021

PRESS RELEASE: ATA statement on new Mobile Bay I-10 Bridge proposal


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MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Today, Mobile area leaders and the Alabama Dept. of Transportation announced new concepts and plans for the Mobile Bay I-10 Bridge.  Below is a statement from Alabama Trucking Association President and CEO Mark Colson:

Throughout the I-10 bridge debate, the Alabama trucking community has been ready and willing to consider proposals that are fair and equitable. We will carefully review this new concept being presented. At first glance, it certainly raises some important questions. As this process unfolds, it is our hope that all interested parties are willing to come to the table to offer reasonable solutions bearing in mind that throughout the pandemic, truckers have been working tirelessly to keep America moving. The sacrifices made by truckers kept the American economy rolling, and we are still working every day to drive the recovery.”


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