Thursday, February 01, 2024

Join the SMMC in February for discussions on navigating litigation

In an increasingly litigious environment, the trucking industry faces unique challenges. To address these concerns, the Safety Management Council (SMMC) has organized a series of meetings aimed at empowering fleet owners and managers with crucial insights and strategies to navigate potential litigation issues effectively.

Scheduled across various chapters, these meetings feature expert presentations focusing on litigation best practices tailored specifically for the trucking sector. Attendees can expect invaluable guidance on handling litigation stemming from accidents, injuries, or employment-related matters.

Legal professionals will share proactive measures and preventative tactics to equip attendees with the knowledge needed to mitigate legal risks effectively. With the participation of esteemed speakers like Katy Beth Carr, John Liechty, Craig Allred, David Henderson, and Katie Hammett Hassell, these sessions promise to offer practical advice and actionable solutions.

The upcoming meetings are set to take place at different locations:

  • Birmingham Chapter Meeting: Held at McLeod Software Headquarters in Birmingham on February 12, starting at 4 p.m. Register early to secure your spot and benefit from insights shared by Carr Allison representatives. Click Here to register.
  • Wiregrass Chapter Meeting: Scheduled at ATA Headquarters in Montgomery on February 15, commencing at 2 p.m. Register promptly to join Hill Hill Carter Franco Cole & Black P.C. experts in exploring litigation strategies. Click Here to register.
  • Gulf Coast Chapter Meeting: Taking place at the 5 Rivers Delta Center on February 22, starting at 2 p.m. Register in advance to gain valuable perspectives from Hand Arendall Harrison Sale’s Katie Hammett Hassell. Click Here to register.


Given the anticipated high demand, early registration is recommended to ensure participation in these informative sessions. By proactively engaging with legal experts and adopting preventative measures, trucking businesses can better safeguard their interests and mitigate potential legal challenges.

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