Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Frank Filgo retires after 43 years in association management

It is with great appreciation that this Association says goodbye to its leader for the past 24 years, ATA president and CEO Frank Filgo, who retires today from a storied, 43-year career in association management.

Frank guided this Association to become one of the nation’s leading business trade organizations, and we congratulate him for reaching this wonderful milestone. He is well known in Montgomery and in Washington D.C. for building coalitions to improve the business climate for all Alabamians, especially those of us in the trucking sector.

His accomplishments over the last quarter of a century are many, but some of ATA’s more substantial political wins include:

  • The recent Rebuild Alabama Infrastructure Bill to adequately fund state roads and bridges;
  • The 2009 Metal Coil Act, which abated the problems of metal coil spills;
  • The Anti-indemnification Act, which made shippers responsible for certain acts;
  • A permanent trailer tag reducing hours of retagging time;
  • Weight exemptions for APUs and CNG/LNG vehicles; and
  • Apportionment of the fuel inspection fees.

Frank was also instrumental in building a legal team to guide the ATA through several recent court victories that established a fair market price for assessment of property taxes on vehicles and provided for the apportionment of vehicle property taxes based on miles driven in-state only. The results of these cases have saved trucking businesses tens of thousands of dollars each in fees and costs.

Frank led with conviction, purpose and a sense of what is best for Alabama’s trucking community. He shunned the spotlight, preferring to give credit to his leadership team and staff for any job well done. If something missed the mark, he accepted the blame. A true leader always does that.

He leaves the organization on a solid foundation supported by an engaged executive board, a dedicated staff, and a community of trucking leaders who value teamwork and service to a greater good.

This Association is so much better for Frank’s leadership. ATA’s reputation nationally and within the state of Alabama is impeccable, and our influence is a force to be reckoned with. Moving forward, ATA leaders entrusted Mark Colson to continue Frank’s legacy of service to the industry. Mark is a talented, young leader with an impressive resume and boundless energy to score big wins for ATA. Our future is bright.

We will miss Frank’s friendship, guidance and wit. We promise to carry on his vision and continue to work hard building a stronger, safer and better trucking industry for Alabama. Congratulations on your retirement, Frank. We will all miss you very much, and we wish all the best to you and Jackie on this joyous occasion. Please keep in touch and visit often.