Honoring Alabama’s Safest Fleets & Employees

Alabama trucking businesses lead the way in highway and workplace safety. ATA’s Annual Fleet Safety Awards showcase our industry best and safest drivers, managers, and fleets.

Alabama trucking businesses provide 107,160 jobs – 1 out of 15 in the state. We move Alabama’s economy, and a career in trucking can open many doors for working Alabamians of all ages, genders, and races. From professional truck drivers, diesel technicians, logistics professionals, fleet managers, safety/HR professionals and sales directors, the jobs our industry offers are diverse and plentiful. They are good-paying jobs, and they are available right now.

Today in Birmingham, a safety director is needed who can start out at $65,000. Down on the coast, an operations director position awaits a qualified applicant. A diesel technician in Cullman starts at $18 per hour and professional driver jobs are literally available in every corner of the state. The list goes on and on. These jobs require highly motivated and skilled professionals. If you don’t have the required skills, you can acquire them quickly without going into massive debt, and the opportunities to advance are endless.

From large corporations to smaller family-owned businesses, the companies offering these jobs have one thing in common: They provide a meaningful and proud quality of life for Alabama workers and their families.

Great, plentiful trucking jobs allow thousands of hardworking Alabamians to feed and clothe their families, put their kids through school, tithe in their churches, and serve in their communities.

This is ALABAMA TRUCKING, and it’s time to tell our story. Let’s move Alabama forward together!

Share Common Interests.

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