Wednesday, October 16, 2019

ATA Comp Fund donates $10,000 to ATA Foundation

During a meeting of the Alabama Trucking Association Foundation Board of Directors earlier today in Montgomery, ATA Comp Fund Chief Executive Officer Kimble Coaker and Chief Operating Officer Todd Hager presented Foundation President Terry Kilpatrick a check for $10,000 to add to the Foundation’s growing coffers.

“We fully support the Foundation’s mission and recent work to promote Alabama’s trucking industry as a leader in highway and workplace safety and provider of jobs and a quality of life for thousands of hard-working Alabamians,” said Hager, as he handed the check to Kilpatrick. “We look forward to helping the Foundation achieve its goals for many years to come.”

Created in 2018, the ATA Foundation supports and complements the efforts of the Alabama Trucking Association. According to its mission statement, the Foundation is committed to making a valuable impact on the important work of the Association, which includes serving Association members in a variety of ways, as well as advancing the industry’s needs and its public image in Alabama and beyond.

The ATA Foundation is the 501(c)3 charitable arm of the Alabama Trucking Association. The ATA Foundation is dedicated to advancing highway safety; investing in meaningful research for Alabama trucking industry; providing scholarships to young adults seeking a trucking-related career; and creating an effective, ongoing image campaign for the trucking industry.

“We are extremely grateful for the Fund’s donation today,” said Kilpatrick. “With this donation along with the other many donations we have received from ATA members the past two years, we are excited to bring positive energy and momentum to Alabama’s trucking industry.”