Friday, January 26, 2024

Alabama Trucking receives Strides For Safety Award from FMCSA

During the Alabama Trucking Association’s board meeting earlier this week, Clinton Seymour, Field Administrator for the Alabama Division of the Federal Motor Carrier Administration (FMCSA) Alabama Division, presented the Association with the agency’s prestigious Strides For Safety award.

The award highlights the commendable efforts of the Alabama Trucking Association in enhancing safety within the commercial motor vehicle (CMV) sector. According to Seymour, less than 20 percent of all traffic accidents are attributed to CMV drivers. In the past, Alabama recorded an average of approximately 150 CMV accidents annually, a number that has now decreased to about 100, according to FMCSA.

Seymour emphasized the collaborative efforts between the FMCSA, the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA), and the Alabama Trucking, leading to remarkable outcomes. Over the last three years, fatal commercial motor vehicle crashes in the state have seen a significant 30 percent reduction, marking the most substantial decrease nationwide during that period.

Expressing gratitude for the partnership, Seymour stated, “My agency’s relationship with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency and the Alabama Trucking Association is special, and it’s led to some pretty special results.” He proposed an extension of recognition, requesting additional plaques to acknowledge the contributions of ALEA and the Alabama Trucking Association in achieving this success.

The plaque presented bears the inscription: “In recognition of the ATA’s outstanding contributions to improving Commercial Vehicle Safety and Crash Reduction in the State of Alabama and their contributions to FMCSA’s Safety Mission and Goals.”

The success in fleet safety, as noted by Seymour, can be attributed to the dedication of association members. Their commitment is evident in creating a safer work environment through investments in equipment, training and education. He added that the award is a testament to the collective efforts and commitment to safety, marking a positive impact on the state’s highways and roadways.

Alabama Trucking Vice President of Safety and Compliance Tim Frazier said that the partnership and cooperation between AT and state and federal agencies is the key factor in the state’s lower crash rates.

“Safety is not only a goal or objective for the Association … it is a culture among our organization and members,” he said. “When we work together with our regulatory and enforcement partners respectfully we can results that save lives and reduce costs for carriers. That is why we and the FMCSA and ALEA all rally around the slogan ‘One Team-One Mission.’  It’s amazing what can happen when partners come together and build a culture of collaboration. Lives are being saved because of it.”

Further highlighting the Association’s commitment to safety, the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) recently released a study affirming that motor carriers actively engaged in their state trucking associations demonstrate superior safety records compared to former association members and carriers with no association history. 

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