Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Alabama Trucking officials express concerns over Biden nominee for Labor secretary

Earlier this week, Alabama Trucking Association leaders expressed concerns in letters to Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville and Sen. Katie Britt, requesting their opposition to the nomination of Julie Su as Secretary of Labor.

Alabama Trucking officials believe that Su’s track record poses a threat to the industry, small businesses, and the state’s workforce. The letter outlined specific instances where her past decisions have negatively impacted independent entrepreneurs, franchisees, and small businesses.

  • Read the letter here.

ATA CEO Mark Colson highlighted Su’s role as Secretary of the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency, during which she supported the controversial law known as AB5. Colson expressed concern over the legislation, which poses a threat to the livelihoods of independent contractors and franchisees. AB5, which has since been partially overturned by California voters, carries implications that business leaders believe could be nationalized if Ms. Su were to assume the position of Secretary of Labor. If implemented nationally, such policies could harm independent workers who are vital to Alabama’s workforce.

Additionally, the ATA draws attention to Ms. Su’s support for state legislation (AB 257) that sought to grant an unelected board of government appointees the power to dictate wages and working conditions for independently owned restaurants in California. This endorsement, according to the ATA, further indicates a pattern of anti-small business sentiment. The association argues that Ms. Su’s potential continuation of such policies as Labor Secretary would have a negative impact on small businesses and consumers, particularly at a time when the economy is grappling with challenges.

The ATA’s letter emphasizes the crucial role of small businesses, particularly in the trucking industry, which comprises nearly 32,000 trucking companies in Alabama alone. These businesses form the backbone of the state’s economy and are responsible for employing 125,110 Alabamians. The ATA commends Senator Tuberville for his consistent support of small employers, recognizing the significant contribution they make to the state’s economic growth.

By voicing their concerns over Julie Su’s nomination, the ATA showcases its dedication to protecting the interests of Alabama’s trucking industry and the broader workforce. The association seeks to ensure that the Secretary of Labor is someone who will foster an environment conducive to the success of small businesses, rather than implementing policies that burden them with increased costs and potential harm.