Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Alabama Trucking mobilizes support Texas cattle farmers amid wildfire crisis, more trucks needed

In a remarkable display of solidarity and prompt action, the Alabama trucking community, led by ATA member firms DMT Trucking and Boyd Bros. Transportation, has taken significant strides to assist Texas cattle farmers grappling with the aftermath of catastrophic wildfires. Last week marked the commencement of a vital mission, delivering the first of several loads of hay to the Lone Star State, with more deliveries planned in the coming days.

The wildfires have left over 1.5 million acres of prime cattle land in ruins, affecting approximately 85% of the state’s cattle population. This disaster has prompted an urgent response to provide the necessary feed to sustain the livestock through this crisis.

Mark Colson, President and CEO of the Alabama Trucking Association, highlighted the trucking community’s swift response to the call for aid, saying, “During any crisis, truckers answer the call. The response from Alabama truckers was immediate, ready to deliver much-needed hay to Texas, showing our solidarity with the affected communities and industries.”

Key Points of the Relief Effort:

  • Swift delivery of several loads of hay by DMT Trucking and Boyd Bros. Transportation, with more assistance on the way.
  • We don’t need more hay; we need it hauled to Texas.
  • Establishment of a dedicated website,, for those wishing to donate hay (by truckload or individual bales) or make a tax-deductible contribution to support Texas farmers.

The Alabama Dept. of Agriculture & Industries has been instrumental in coordinating this relief effort, showcasing the deep ties of cooperation and support between Alabama and Texas. The trucking industry, led by figures like John Esparza in Texas, continues to play a pivotal role in providing immediate relief to those affected by natural disasters.

For more information on the relief effort and how you can contribute, please visit the official press release:

Together, we can help rebuild and support our fellow citizens through this challenging time. The solidarity between Alabama and Texas stands as a testament to the strength and compassion of our communities.