Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Alabama Road Team hits final push as school year comes to an end

The Alabama Road Team has been keeping the pace lately as the school year begins to wind down.

Yesterday, Road Team captains Richard Pratt and Rusty Holmes met with dozens of driver’s ed students at Springville High School in Springville, Ala. (Saint Clair County School District) to discuss safe driving habits around trucks.

It’s been a banner year for the Road Team, which added three more captains, including Mr. Pratt, who drives for FedEx Freight out of Birmingham; Cecil Salter of FedEx Freight in Montgomery and Tom Culpepper of Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. 

The new captains have expanded the program’s footprint to canvass nearly the entire state. And with additional support from the newly formed ATA Foundation, the team reached more than 5,000+ students this year, delivering the important message of highway safety and driver responsibility for a new generation of drivers.

The team recently added the nationally recognized Teens & Trucks curriculum to complement its Share the Road message. These programs, combined with instructor lesson plans, student workbooks, DVDs and pre- and post-test evaluations give young drivers a solid foundation for vehicle safety that will make Alabama roadways safer for all. 

Teens & Trucks and Share the Road curricula are well structured, effective and can easily be incorporated into any existing driver’s education program. Please contact ATA at 334-834-3983 to request a copy of the Teens & Trucks DVD, student workbook and lesson plan or to schedule a Road Team visit in your area.

Photo Credit: Richard Pratt