Tuesday, July 31, 2018

ACTION ALERT: Help improve hours of service rules

Last month, Congressmen Rick Crawford (R-Ark.), Sanford Bishop (D-Ga.) and Bruce Westerman (R-Ark.) introduced H.R.6178 – The Honest Operators Undertake Road Safety (HOURS) Act.  The bill, a response to the recent calls for additional flexibility in truck drivers’ hours-of-service (HOS), provides narrow and targeted relief, particularly for those sectors of our industry that face unique operating circumstances. Specifically, the bill would: provide added flexibility to drivers hauling livestock and commodities, allow for an expedited split sleeper berth rulemaking process following the results of the DOT pilot program currently underway, provide uniformity in short-haul exemptions, and remove burdensome paperwork requirements. By clicking on these links, you will find a Dear Colleague Letter in support of the legislation from Congressman Crawford, as well as an accompanying one-pager to further explain the legislation. For a list of current cosponsors of the HOURS Act, please CLICK HERE.

The American Trucking Associations is calling upon a grassroots network of trucking stakeholders to educate elected officials on this important matter. Congress hears the voice of the trucking industry on Capitol Hill every day from National ATA’s team of Washington D.C. lobbyists. But on important issues such as this, Congress needs to hear your voice as well. Hearing from constituents back home who will be impacted by the HOURS Act first hand is a powerful means of growing support for this important legislation.

Time is of the essence. Lawmakers and their staff are currently considering several HOS reform proposals, and they need to hear from you on the HOURS Act. Please reach out to your elected officials today!

Contacting them is easy. Simply fill out this form and a letter will be sent on your behalf to your elected officials. If you have any questions, please contact Ed Gilroy of the American Trucking Associations’ Legislative Affairs Office at egilroy@trucking.org or Ryan Snyder at rsnyder@trucking.org.