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Helping pass state legislation that keeps your business ahead. Providing services that keep trucking running safer and more efficiently. Creating a community devoted to industry safety and an image of professionalism and service. For 80 years, the Alabama Trucking Association has been there for trucking wherever the rubber meets the road, and we’re still finding ways to keep progress on schedule.
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Improving Alabama’s Trucking Community Through Outreach and Scholarship.
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23 September
ATA 2021 Annual Convention
Miramar Beach, FL
18 October
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A little food for thought. It's August and that means schools will be starting back soon. America's trucking industry delivers the food and supplies to help educators provide lunches at 100,000 schools. That's lunch for 30M students across the country each school day!
2 days ago
Shout out to the 28 competitors for tonight’s Alabama Trucking Association’s Virtual Truck Driving Championships. We wish each of you the best of luck! Our Virtual TDC is a state qualifier for the American Trucking Associations’ Battle of the States Truck Driving Championships.
5 days ago